Jhenya was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1985.

Growing up in suburbs, attending an average public school, I haven't had any particular interest in painting or drawing  till the age of 14.

Once, strolling through urban jungles lit with spring sunlight, I took a different route to home on the way back from school. 

Passing by another dull building, I was suddenly struck by richly coloured, vibrant and wild ornaments on the wall. 

Graffiti that fascinated me that day was a sign of love and passion for art and the beginning of my artistic journey. 


In Following years, getting better at graffiti I got actively involved in mural making.

At 16 years old, I was commissioned to paint my first mural. 

Being a better entrepreneur than an artist, I was finding commissions and hired artists to paint with me.

Collaborating with different artists I was gaining skills and experience working on various mural projects including large scale government commission. 

Three years later, I worked with city’s well known graffiti artists to decorate a 6,000-square-foot interior space in one of the biggest entertainment centres in Moscow at that time. 

Moving to Toronto, Canada in 2005, I went to college for operations management and logistics. 

While studying business, I kept scribbling in my sketch book and thought of going to fine art school.

Shortly after completing the program, I entered Academy of Realist Art.

While studying in the academy, I worked as a house painter and participated in couple of interior decorating projects including restoration of Casa Loma buildings, Ontario heritage. 

Having acquired general understanding of classical drawing and painting principles, I continued looking for a way to advance my skills and became an apprentice to Vladimir Ribatchok in 2012.   

Since then, I am mastering science of oil painting under acute guidance of Vladimir.

At a present time I take part in exhibitions and participating in various art projects.

I also contribute to Toronto art community by organizing life drawing and painting sessions. 

Currently integrating my skills into digital matrix by studying Concept Art.

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