Curriculum Vitae

Exhibitions & Events

2019        Nathan Philips Square Outdoors show. Toronto, ON

2017        Canada 150, Taste of 150, Outdoor decorative painting, London, ON              

2016        Artist Nuke, Group exhibition/art market, Toronto, ON 

Selected Mural Projects

2017        Theatre in the Round, Minneapolis, MN                

                - painted murals under John Pugh (apprenticeship )

                - mixed paints 

2013        Outside the Box, Toronto, ON                

                - created two traffic light boxes


2011       Sergey Gonchar (NHL player), Ottawa, ON

               - painted murals under a lead artist 

               - did faux finishes


2010        Casa Loma buildings, Toronto, ON                

               - created murals 

               - did faux finishes


2006        Cactus Bar, Moscow, Russia                

                - managed a group of artists to paint a 2,000-square-foot mural


2005         Entertainment Center, Moscow, Russia

                - managed a group of artists to paint a 6,000-square-foot mura

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